The Whys

Why have I made this blog? The answer is easy – to help other photographers, to have a thriving business, just like mine.

Why would I spend time helping other photographers? Because I think we should raise the industry – from starving artists – to successful artists, who will make their clients happy. I genuinely believe this would be win-win, the clients would get more, the photographers would get more, the world would get more (more visible art, everywhere!) – even our vendors would get more! So there is no losers.

And because other photographers helped me! I did not invent this, this is not my idea – but I did walk the walk – from starving artist (being a “shoot and burner” full time for almost 7 years!) – to successful artist (among the highest paid wedding-photographers in Denmark).

Why should you follow this blog? Because you want to be a successful artist – or if you already are one. If you already are doing good, join this blog /page to help others. If you like most photographers are struggling, trying to get ends meet – and are working way to hard for way to little – join to learn (and I promise, in a short time, you will go from one category to the other)

Disclaimer: English is not my first language, so here and there there will be mistakes in grammar and spelling.