Christmas is here! IPS for Photographers during the season

That is when portrait photographers make those big numbers! WOHOOO! But is it all about the money?

Is IPS (in person sales) all about how much money we can get the client to spend?  NO! 

It is all about how much client SERVICE we can provide. (And the more you are paid for your art, the more service you can provide!)

That is why I have spent my time today on writing to this year’s clients, each and every one of them. Telling them that I have the portraits from their session in the archive, and they should give me a call if they are in need for x-mas presents.

I even told them the price of the most common size of framed gift print. And that I would gladly gift wrap it for them!

Yes, it is an opportunity to make more money from a session I did earlier this year. A session that I already have been paid for. But let’s be honest, gift prints do not make me rich. I would probably make more from doing 2-3 extra full sessions.

What is it all about?

This is about helping my clients with a nice and easy Christmas shopping. I’ll give them personal gifts, no crowded malls, no long lines; just a cup of coffee while we select portraits. And, of course, they will have access to professional guidance, framing and gift wrapping.

A client just posted this image on my business page:


It’s the wall collection I created for them hanging in the living room (from their wedding last month). Do you really honestly think I would have given a better service by just handing them the files and wishing them good luck?

Do you really think that the clients would rather have the files than this? I don’t.

The price from the S&B (shoot and burner) might be a lot lower, but you also get a lot less.

“But I am just a shoot and burner, I can’t offer my clients Christmas-shopping”

Of course you can! Find the pricing at the local vendors – crunch those numbers (be sure you are profitable!) – and write each and every one of your clients from this year, trust me, they will love the service!

They have never had easier x-mas presents!

Do it – do it now (you can thank me later 😉 )