Challenge! Are you brave enough?

In an IPS (in person sales) group I mentioned what I charge for a single file, and someone commented “I wish I could charge that” – and I told her that she could, it is actually quite easy. Go to your pricelist, open it – and put that number you want, in there .. hit save, print, show it to the next customer!

Remember, this handsome guy (Kevin Abosch) sold a picture of this potato – for 1 million euro – the sky is the limit.

You can charge any price you would like to … and of course huge price changes can effect your current clientele – but it will have next to no effect on new clients. New clients is all about how you market and who you market to .. THAT is the hard part… setting the price is the easy thing to do.

“How do I market”

Well – there is no easy answer to this, there are written huge books on this, a million blogs – and some even study it for years! But a few ideas:

  • Tell people about your business.
    I just launched a challenge in the European IPS group, tell 10 strangers about your business this week. Does it sound simple (but a little scary)? It’s because it is, “Hi there, I am Angelina – I own – where I specialize in weddings and babies – my passion is creating personalised wallart and albums with memories that will last you a life time” (look, I just told a bunch of strangers about my business … wonder how many – I am a little behind in the challenge)  – always always always have your business cards on you, grocery shopping, going to the bank, traveling, going out for drinks… the more people that knows your name, the easier it gets!
  • Networking
    Networking groups, get in everywhere you can – if you can’t afford it, come as a guest as often as it is allowed, join the local chamber of commerce, go to entrepreneur workshops, do anything and everything possible to talk to other people in business. And remember those business cards and your elevatorpitch!
  • Social media
    And not “minis, this week only 9.99” – be SOCIAL on social media, engage with potential clients, give advice, talk to them, and oh my good as a photographer you have it easy – show a gorgeous picture “look at this baby / wedding / CEO, isn’t she cute / they wonderfully in love / great looking” And remember, not that many see what you post, post often, more will see! The more the engage, the more people see you.

So let’s do a weeks challenge:

  1. Open your pricelist, change at least one price, to what you want it to be (remember to save!)
  2. Tell 10 strangers what you do, and why you do it.
  3. Write (at least) TWO social media posts A DAY for the next week (14!)

Ready set go!
Deadline: 18th November!