Going live!

Live videos are the new black… and it is really scary!

When I was about to start this blog, Karen said; “You need to do live videos, people will follow!”

… but I got scared, so I did a mini live video on my private page… a short one on my studio page… and thought “that’s it, I have done it and now I do not ever need to do it again, right?!”


At CASHtography ‘s 23rd episode Cyrissa Carlson, from immerseworkshops , talks about live broadcast, give her a listen, and then you have a great starting point on this topic.

All the clever people are saying that this is the way to go. So here is another challenge to follow last Friday’s challenge (By the way, I still have so few followers, that I am basically just challenging my self!);

  1. Do a live video. On your business page! At least one – I promise, I will do one as well 😉
  2. Update your website, at least one page (You know you need to do this!)
  3. Start working on your 2017 marketing plan (I know, of course, you finished it a long time ago, like you should – not like me, slacking behind on it) – Here is a template: http://www.business.vic.gov.au/marketing-sales-and-online/increasing-sales-through-marketing/marketing-plan-template

Ready, set, go!
Deadline: 28th November!