The Why’s of IPS (In Person Sales) for wedding clients

Sometimes, asking yourself “why” is a good thing. 



In one of the Facebook IPS (in person sales) groups “IPS for weddings”, the discussions (mostly) go around the lines of “Can it be done for IPS?” and “every bride wants files“…

Why shouldn’t you be doing IPS with your wedding clients too?

By asking this questions, you will get you closer to finding out why you should be doing this. But, as well, why you should feel a little ashamed for not doing it already.

Furthermore, can you think of a reason why your wedding clients don’t deserve the best service you can offer? Are they not worth it? For the biggest day of their lives?

Why does the bride want the files?

First of all, asking yourself this will get you closer to understanding why the bride really does not want the files.

Consequently, if the answer is: “She wants to make a book”. Then offer to make her a book (an album of the highest quality. It is from her wedding goddammit!)

Moreover, following that same line of thought: Why should the bride be bothered with making her own book? Why are you letting her fend for herself to find out how to make a book, what is good quality and what is not? And making her shop around 100s of DIY books, not having any chance to figure out what is good and what is not.

She wants to make prints“. Therefore, why are you making the bride, finally done with the stress of the wedding, go through the work of finding out sizes, materials and cropping her own portraits?

Most importantly, why are you not doing this for her?

Why do you believe that wedding clients do not deserve to get finished products from their wedding?