Next stop Holland

5/1 – Friday 8 pm – Meet and greet

This event is open for anyone who wishes to network with colleagues.
This event is free (you pay for your own drinks 😉 )
Sign up here: Meet and Greet at Van Der Valk Hotel Tiel

6/1 – Saturday – Workshop day 1 – numbers and more numbers.
Sign up for the workshop here: Workshop Hollandnumbers


Introductions – and my story – from starving artist to successful business owner. (Introduction to In Person Sales)


Crunching our numbers. How we figure out what our Cost of Doing Business (CODB) is, Cost of Goods (COG) – and how those numbers add up to your prices.

12-1 Lunch

Network and chit chat.


How to use those numbers to create a pricing strategy. What products to offer and how.

6.30 Dinner for attendees (more details soon)

7/1 – Sunday – Workshop day 2 – selling and more selling.


Creating a wonderful client experience and adding value too get better .  (How to create your brand)

12-1 Lunch

Network and chit chat.


Marketing. We go over the marketing template and (at least) 25 different marketing-tools, to get you ready to create a full marketing plan and strategy for 2018.

During the entire workshop I will off course tell stories of the many mistakes I have made during my transition, the lessons I have learned the hard way (so you do not have to make the same mistakes).

My goal with this workshop is to make all of you ready to run a profitable business before I leave Holland.