Next stop: Holland

I will be giving an IPS workshop in Holland. 

During the entire workshop, I will, of course, tell stories of the many mistakes I have made during my transition to IPS, the lessons I have learned the hard way (so you do not have to make the same mistakes).

My goal with this workshop is to make all of you ready to run a profitable business before I leave Holland.


5/1 – Friday 8 pm – Meet and greet

This event is open for anyone who wishes to network with colleagues.
This event is free (you pay for your own drinks 😉 )
Sign up here: Meet and Greet at Van Der Valk Hotel Tiel

6/1 – Saturday – Workshop day 1 – numbers and more numbers.

10-11- Introduction to In Person Sales

Pinkstudies-Angelina Devine-numbers-600x600

Introductions – and my professional story. From starving artist to successful business owner. 

11-12- Crunching our numbers.

How we figure out what our Cost of Doing Business (CODB) is, Cost of Goods (COG) – and how those numbers add up to your prices.


Network and chit-chat.

1-3-Pricing Strategy

How to use those numbers to create a pricing strategy. What products to offer and how.

6.30- Dinner for attendees (more details soon).

7/1 – Sunday – Workshop day 2 – Selling and more selling.

10-12-How to create your brand.

Creating a wonderful client experience and adding value to get better .

12-1- Lunch

Network and chit-chat.


We go over the marketing template and (at least) 25 different marketing-tools, to get you ready to create a full marketing plan and strategy for 2018.