Friday challenge – Jan 19

I try to design these challenges to get photographers out of their comfort zones and get cracking on the business part (and to keep my self at my best game) – join us, if you dare 😉FREDAG19-1

Last week it was “tell at least 3 random people about what you do + schedule at least 30 social media posts + update at lest one thing on your webpage.

This week:

– Make at least 5 blog posts (remember, these can be scheduled as well – and then you can be good for up to five months, depending on how much you want to blog)
– Schedule at least 4 news letters. (that could hold you up to 4 weeks to 4 months)
– Come up with at least 2 ideas for challenges for the weeks to come (help me with fresh ideas) 😉

You are welcome to comment on this post on and tell us how you get a long, either on my Facebook page – or in the “IPS for the professional photographer – European edition” group.