I really do not care about curtains!

It is all about what we value.

When I teach / mentor / give advice about always having an in person pre-booking consult I often hear “people do not have the time” “people are to busy” “Life is to busy” “They tell me they cannot make it” “The husband can never make it” and other excuses why this cannot be a real option.

But the truth is, this is all about what we value and what we care about, if you do not really care about your wedding portraits / family portraits, if it isn’t something you find really valuable, you will not find the time.

If I use my self as an example; I really do not care that much about curtains – so getting a curtain consultation in my own home, to get ideas for fancy curtains? I don’t have the time – I’ll just swing by IKEA pick up whatever I have decided online that I wanted (or even better, get someone else to pick it up for me), it is of no importance or interest for me (or guest room has needed new curtains for 3 years … I haven’t gotten around to it yet).


If you would ask me why I wouldn’t want a curtain consult, I would tell you that:

  1. I work a lot, I have my plate full.
  2. It is probably a lot more expensive than ikea.


All of this boils down to, that it has no real value to me, I wont spend my time or my money on it.

I do however really care about cars. So when I needed a new car last year, I couldn’t just pick one from the internet, I needed to testdrive them, talk to the sales person, be guided (and be upsold to 😉 … and you know what? In my area most car-dealership keeps regular office hours – and my husband can hardly get home from work before 6, since he commutes – so we had to find the big calender, and PLAN – he had to go to work early some days, to make ends meet, until we found THE car (for me). So even though I have 60-80 hour work weeks, my husband commutes … and we have kids, pets, a house and all the other things we need to take care of, we did find the time to testdrive roughly 10 cars before I decided.

And you know what, when they called me and told me my new car was ready to pick up – I re-arranged my schedule to be able to do it first thing in the morning (had it been the curtains I would have been, “Uhm, really busy, I might be able to make it … in a couple of weeks?” But this is important and of great value for me.


So people who value photography – will spend the time (and the money) on the experience – even the pre-booking consult, because this is important enough to them. And some off them will have to find the big calender, and plan, to make it happen, but they will – if they value it enough AND you have been able to sell the idea of why they should do this 🙂

In person sales – in person 100% of the time, not only in selected parts