Next stop: Holland

I will be giving an IPS workshop in Holland.  During the entire workshop, I will, of course, tell stories of the many mistakes I have made during my transition to IPS, the lessons I have learned the hard way (so you do not have to make the same mistakes). My goal with this workshop is […]

Black Friday is here!

… look at them – all racing to have the biggest discount, the cheapest price … Racing to the bottom. Save 99% – only today (tomorrow and next week!) So you are in, aren’t you… with a GREAT offer! On top of your discounted Christmas sessions of course! Because you know you have to be […]

Going live!

Live videos are the new black… and it is really scary! When I was about to start this blog, Karen said; “You need to do live videos, people will follow!” … but I got scared, so I did a mini live video on my private page… a short one on my studio page… and thought “that’s […]