Workshop – Cafe Obscura

In Person Sales for photographers

How to make a profitable business as a photographer

  • My story – from starving artist – to successful business owner.
  • Know your numbers! How to calculate your cost of doing business (CODB – the actual costs of running your business), that way we can figure out what your prices should be, to make sure your business is profitable.
  • What is more valuable than a portrait? How to add value to the service you are providing – how to become your clients first choice without being the cheapest choice. The key word being “Branding”
  • Happy clients = More clients. How to create an extraordinary client experience – from before they book until they get their finished products in hand. I go through my own process in details and provide helpful tips for you to create an experience that fits your brand.
  • How big should the canvas be? What products should you offer? What sizes? I’ll guide you and show you how to best present products for clients.
  • The big plan! The hardest part; Marketing! We will go over how you can market your brand and how you fill out your marketing plan template from the workshop. When the workshop is over, you are ready to create a plan to run a successful photography business.

May 19-20 2019
10 am – 5 pm both days