Workshop – Holland

“You can’t make a living as a photographer!”

I have heard this statement many times in the 10 years I have been running my own studio – even from other photographers (often from other photographers). And of course you can make a living as a photographer, a really good one, too! This is especially true once you become skilled at running a business.

This workshop will cover:

  • My story – from starving artist to successful photographer.
  • Crunch those numbers! How to calculate your Cost of Doing Business (how much it costs you to run your business) and Cost Of Goods (how much the products costs you), so you know what your price should be to be a profitable photographer.
  • What has more value than a beautiful portrait?  How to add value when you sell your services – how to become the photographer the clients wants to hire, without being the cheapest one. Branding being the keyword here.
  • Happy clients = more clients. How to create an extraordinaire customer experience, from pre-session consult to unveiling – I go through my entire process in details, and give you tips to how you can create an unique experience that fits your brand.
  • How big should a canvas be? Many photographers struggle with finding out what products to offer, here we go over the many options, and how to showcase what to sell.
  • The bigger plan! The hardest part of it all, marketing, we will talk about how to market your brand, and how to fill out a 12 month marketing plan, getting you ready to market your business. You will walk away with your very own marketing template.

Questions before you book: – or +45 31138721

Lunch, coffee, tea and soft drinks included.

6-7th of January 2018
10 am – 3 pm – both days.
The workshop is hosted by Ingrid Van Der Zel photography
at Boveneindsestraat 18, Kesteren, Holland.

Price: 700€

Max 10 participants